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Robert Pattinson's everything appreciation tumblr.

Evy, 16, Poland. I overreact and overthink a lot. Addicted to caffe latte, enjoy being bused like nothing else, awkward with red face all the time, talentless, scared of almost everything with way too big robsession. I'm going to get lost in London in June.

I ship Rob/guitar, Rob/Tai, Rob/Tom, Rob/gucci, Rob/beanie and Rob/Bear.

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David Cronenberg & Robert Pattinson | Cannes 2012

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Rob in Portugal today

Rob in Portugal today

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Sky Cine asks Rob his favorites in film (x)

Talking about the Cosmopolis premiere at Cannes and how he’s given up smoking.

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Robert Pattinson Cosmopolis premiere (Cannes).

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